ABLE Series of fire extinguishing system protects industrial machinery from fire, which is now a greater risk as such machinery is increasingly unmanned. Highly reactive sensors detect and extinguish fires quickly. This series is very compact and easily attached to all kinds of industrial machinery.


The features of ABLE

  • The simple function allowing extinguishing fires quickly, surely and securely.
  • Up to 5 additional chemical cylinders for fire extinguishing agents can be linked together to ensure the optimal amount of the agent.
  • The buzzer sounds and the power source lamp blinks during the anomaly.
  • All the connected detectors such as smoke detector, heat detector, and flame detector are certified.
  • A dedicated thermistor sensor allowing a wide range of temperature settings (operating temperature range of 60 - 120°C) according to the installation environment. Furthermore, a high temperature type (option) sensor can be used to operate at the temperature up to 300°C.
  • Continuous monitoring of the malfunctions of the external devices (wire breakage monitoring: thermistor detector, fire detector, remote control box, and starter) to ensure high reliability.


  • Selectable fire extinguishing agents
  • You can select and install any one of "carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent", "foam fire extinguishing agent" and "ABC powder fire extinguishing agent" that matches with the characteristics of the industrial equipment.
  • Quickly detects a fire to extinguish the fire
  • The sensor is adopted with high precision semiconductor elements (thermistor). It captures the occurrence of a fire at an extremely quick response speed to automatically discharge the fire extinguishing agent to extinguish the fire.
  • Compact design
  • It is designed compact for the ease of attaching it to a plant.


  • Detects a fire to automatically extinguish the fire
  • Quickly detects a fire break-out through the heat sensor, flame sensor and etc. (additional detection sensors can be installed).
  • Discharging carbon dioxide into the device allows to quickly extinguish a fire, without making a mess in the premise.
  • Excellent safety
  • A full complement of parts that will further enhance the safety, such as a red lamp with audio alarm, a duct closing damper!
  • Comes with the power outage communication circuit


  • Electric discharge machines generate sparks in the area where hazardous materials may exist, posing a risk of fire, based on which YAMATO PROTEC has developed the automatic fire extinguishing system "ABLE" for electric discharge machines. This "ABLE" is an automatic fire extinguishing system design to be used mainly for the electric discharge machines that utilize hazardous materials with the flash point of more than 70°C (the hazardous materials stipulated in the Fire Service Law Article 2, Paragraph 7) as the working fluid (dielectric fluid).
  • Surely and securely extinguishing fires with the mechanical foam fire extinguishing agent
  • With the mechanical foam fire extinguishing agent made mainly of surface active agent offering improved alcohol resistance, fires are surely and securely extinguished.
  • Can be installed at any locations
  • When using lithium batteries as the main power source, no power supply wiring is required. This system can be installed at any locations
  • This "ABLE" uses the fire extinguishing agent that is compatible with PFOS regulation.

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